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Nothing beats experience! The diversified nature of my career has equipped me with expertise in a multitude of business consultative, marketing and project-based disciplines. I have worked for a range of companies, spanning from multinationals to smaller, start-up businesses. The insights gained and proven ability to deliver results has driven my passion for what I do, sparking the desire to create my own company.

The balance of experience, innovation and drive for results has resulted in The Chrome Group; a business that I have started, leveraging my own abilities and collaborating with a wide-range of creatives – talented graphic designers, web-site developers, brand, marketing and business execution specialists. Together we provide an extensive suite of services that will see your new business launch with a bang, your established company ensure it is at the fore-front of new business development thinking, or to help re-invent your brand to allow step-change in your offering. Our passion stems from providing real value that translates to business outcomes for you.
I’d love to have a chat about how The Chrome Group could support you.

Carly Svendsen – Director of The Chrome Group


'We have worked with The Chrome Group on a variety of different projects however the opportunity to receive fresh insight on all facets of our business was what initially caught our attention.
As an extension to our team, The Chrome Group have provided us with valuable suggestions and strategic business and marketing support. They have assisted us in improving our internal systems and processes from administration, sales and marketing to our people and culture policies - reducing cost to our business dramatically.
The ability to lean on their comprehensive set of services and market knowledge has been of real value to our business, as has having one person to deal with who understands our business and target market intimately. Most of all the knowledge that we can draw on such a broad scope of expertise as we need it, without the requirement of hiring full time staff is reassuring and a genius way of improving the bottom line of a busy business like ours. Thanks for your support!'
Craig Watson - General Manager - Sydney Props Specialists

'We are a start-up technology went to market to find a company that could put us on the map. We needed a marketing plan, business collateral and a database.
We first called on The Chrome Group to assist us in translating years of science and product development into a tangible offering we could take to market. Thanks to their commitment in understanding and believing in our product as much as we do they were able to assist us with a promotional strategy that saw us finally progress our offering to market within a 3 month period. The Chrome Group also helped us secure us a complimentary stand within the incubator section at Design Build Sydney, and secured and managed our presence at National Manufacturing Week, Melbourne – two suggestions which have provided us with enormous return. We are so grateful for the strategic ideas and support we received with Carly at the wheel. The end result from their efforts is we have over 400 customers on our data base and over 30 current clients developing products with us. I would have no problem recommending The Chrome Group to any business requiring strategic support'
Greg Hancock - General Manager- Intelli Particle


'We contracted Carly from The Chrome Group to assist with developing and implementing our communications strategy which included the supply of content we could share on our blog, across our social platforms and within our magazine to engage with students, parents and businesses in our local community. Outside of this, Carly also worked closely with us to further develop our customer experience, including the development of a student communications plan and helped us develop our sales funnel. It’s of great support knowing The Chrome Group is there to support us when we need it.'


Thomas Dickson – Marketing and Business Development Manager- ET Australia



Have you noticed how much we love collaboration?

As a business we thrive on looking ahead and wholeheartedly believe that collaborative and hybrid teams are the way of the future. And we’re not the only ones, The Huffington Post predicted that remote working and flexi-jobs will be the future of innovation.

Why commit time and resource to hiring a permanent, static team, when you can handpick the talent that’s right for your business, on a project by project basis and at every stage of your businesses journey?

Our mantra is using smart collaboration to create change and our network of collaborators will enrich your projects with a wealth of experience, fresh perspectives and truly unique ideas, all towards a collective, strategic goal.


As the corporate landscape changes at an incredible pace, the way is paved for exciting innovations and the futurist thinking that we love.
Staying one step ahead of the pack and keeping our finger on the pulse of all that’s new, makes us very happy. And passing this knowledge onto our clients makes us even happier.

As technology advances, we’ll map out the trends you need to be on top of and work with you to implement these innovations in your business.


We’re creatives at heart, so we love projects that gets our creative juices flowing.

Our inspiration comes from many places; we look to industry peers, thought leaders,
innovators and brands that just do great work, to keep on the cusp of what’s hot and what’s not
in the Creative industries.

We’ll keep your brand on the cutting edge of creative trends, building credibility
with your audience and within your industry.

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